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Comments from clients

I wanted to thank you again for my incredible session yesterday.

My sinuses and head feel clear. My jaw feels strong, my shoulders feel lighter.

L. S. Scarborough, ON.

I had the good fortune to be one of the first to experience Sue’s Facial AcuZone Reflexology services. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect before my session, and I was amazed by what a wonderful experience it was! Sue is amazingly knowledgeable and was so in tune with how I was feeling. She explained everything along the way so that I was aware of what and why she was doing certain things. Immediately afterward, I felt so calm and relaxed but at the same time so energized. I was able to get so much done during those evenings after my sessions, and slept so well during the night! It was truly a wonderful state of being. I really looked forward to my sessions with Sue and can’t wait to start up again. Thanks Sue!

Jen C. Richmond Hill, ON

I have now had a few sessions of Facial AcuZone Reflexology and love it. My face felt rejuvenated and I felt a sense of lightness to my face, as well it helped alleviate sinus issues without having to take medication. I found I had a ton of productive energy afterwards, but also a sense of relaxation. Sue's knowledge and professionalism is outstanding and I always look forward to a treatment. Can't wait to try the Facial AcuZone Reflexology combined with an aromatherapy facial!

W.S. Richmond Hill, ON

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in aromatherapy – both facial and body massages. They were both very soothing and relaxing and you were able to zone in on some of my problem areas. I really recommend the massages and look forward to repeating the experience. Many thanks,

Nadine M. Richmond Hill, ON

Just wanted to let you know that I used the pain blend on the right lower arm below the elbow …. I think tendonitis; however I used the pain blend daily on the sore area and it really does work. The blend helps to alleviate the muscle tightness and pain. Definitely this is an effective product.

G.R. Maple, ON

Wanted to let you know I have been experiencing some success with the techniques that you taught Dennis & me. If we catch a migraine as soon as it is starting we can quite often abort it before it takes hold. If however I am in the middle of a full blown attack the foot reflexology helps me to relax through the pain until the medication has time to work. I have also shared the facial chart with my daughter & granddaughter who also suffer from headaches.

Again thank you so much for making my life better.

All the best.

L.F. Thornhill, ON.

Sue is a very skilled reflexologist who was able to bring immediate relief to a long-standing undiagnosed problem I was having. Her in depth medical knowledge together with her keen intuition and caring nature, make her by far, a leader in her field.

E.V. Vaughan, ON.

Sue is a fantastic practitioner. She provides a great mix of professionalism with a personal touch. I highly recommend her services.

J.S. Newmarket, ON.

Comments from students about Facial AcuZone Reflexology™

“Sue is an incredibly knowledgeable and patient teacher and practitioner. Her knowledge and years of experience really comes through in her course material. Sue always went out of her to answer any questions I had in a thorough and timely fashion. She is truly committed to ensuring the success of her students. It has been an absolute pleasure to confer with Sue throughout the course and I cannot thank her enough for her wisdom and guidance. I would highly recommend Sue’s course to any reflexologist looking to expand their practice.

What I found most interesting about the course was learning in-depth about the meridians. It really has given me a new perspective to healing as a practitioner. The results were beyond amazing in all aspects. My clients love FAZR and I have no doubt it will become one of the most sought after services! Very excited to be expanding my practice as a FAZR practitioner!

Thank you Sue, I look forward to continuing my education with you in the future!! “


Tecumseh, Ontario

Hi Sue

I wanted to take the opportunity to once again thank you for developing and teaching the Facial AcuZone Reflexology Course.

I have been a Social Worker for 27 years and ventured into the world of reflexology a little over 2 years ago. I have only been practicing foot reflexology for a little over 2 years however I was interested in continuing my education in this field. I came across your new course advertised on your website as I was searching for courses in Southwestern Ontario.

I must say I am so glad I found Sue Todd Reflexology! The course on Facial AcuZone Reflexology was excellent and attending your course was a great learning experience. Your passion, enthusiasm and knowledge regarding reflexology in general and more specifically this new form of reflexology called FAZR was inspiring.

I found the manual and the DVD to be great additions to the practical and theory parts of the course that was provided over the weekend.

I would definitely encourage and recommend anyone interested in learning reflexology or a reflexologist interested in pursuing continuing education to take a course from you.

Your professionalism, hands on experience and teaching combined with a terrific sense of humor made the course very enjoyable.

Your passion for reflexology is/was truly infectious!

In addition as a distance student traveling from Windsor to Richmond Hill the option of proctoring the written exam(which I did) and practical exam were great options.

I am truly looking forward to advancing my skills and reflexology practise in the Windsor area!

Thanks again


In October 2013, I took the Facial AcuZone Reflexology (FAZR) course after having had a session with Sue (which was amazing by-the-way). The course material was well planned and easy to follow. The FAZR routine itself is flowing and elegant. After completing the course, I started my case studies immediately and received wonderful feedback from the participants. After completing my exams, I started offering FAZR in December 2013. I can honestly say that I have never taken another course, from which clients have expressed as much interest, and then upon receiving a treatment, expressed such a positive response. Thank you Sue for creating this beautiful treatment! Thanks again for the best course EVER!

S.R. RMT. 

Regarding Facial AcuZone Reflexology™

"I have done two treatments so far; one on my sister and one on my hubbie and both came with great reviews. My sister had noticeable results, visibly and in her voice as her sinus were draining!! Just wanted to thank you once again for introducing me to this wonderful technique.


LaSalle, Ontario

Foot Reflexology Courses

On a personal level, I must emphasize how good Sue Todd is as an instructor. She is passionate about reflexology, inspiring about the capacity of the human body to heal while also being practical. Her communication skills and sense of humour make learning a joy.

L.L. Keswick, ON.

Sue was amazing. What an incredible teacher she is.

S.O. Markham, ON

Sue kept everything interesting and when it came time to start the actual sessions she made it less daunting.

C.B. Newmarket, ON.

The most valuable feature was Sue. She made me feel so welcome and was so helpful. There was so much information to learn in such a short period and Sue was so helpful and made herself available to us at anytime if we needed anything or any extra information. It was a lot of fun. I rave about Sue all the time. I recommend her to anyone that asks me about reflexology, the course and what is involved in getting started.

C.F. Holland Landing, ON.

Comments about Advanced Clinical Assessment of the Reflexology Client correspondence course:

I am finding this course extremely interesting. The information is so much more than what you get in a reflexology course. I have learned so much and find I am drinking it all in. This felt all new to me and I love being able to apply it to my clients. One example being a client asked what differences I see in feet. I was able to tell her that she was likely a jogger because of what I saw in her feet. I was right and she was totally amazed. Most of what I’ve come across in this course delves so much deeper into the systems and organs and their purpose. The thyroid was always a mental block for me, but now, because of this course, I understand it so much more. This course should go hand in hand with the reflexology course. I feel that much more confident and am glad that you put this course together. Yes, I do use the text and because I read it, study it, I understand that much more. The more I understand, the more I can work “off the top of my head”! It’s very exciting.

I look forward to my next assignment!

A.P Kemptville, ON.

The Advanced Clinical Assessment course was very interesting and taught me how to observe and more accurately assess possible imbalances. Sue Todd has written an excellent course and was always available for quick, insightful answers to my questions. Highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to take the next step in their reflexology career.

I.V. Mississauga, ON.

As a "graduated student" of this course I encourage everyone to enroll in this course. We need to grow in our knowledge of reflexology and this online course is a great place to get started.

B. S. Burlington, ON.

Just wanted to let you know your materials arrived yesterday, safe and

sound ....and haven't been out of my hands since! This is terrific and

fascinating stuff! I got a little ticked off when I had to put the binder

away and get some work done. Been up since 4 am so I could continue

reading before my day starts!

Great stuff, and obviously a lot of time and thought went into preparing


Really appreciate you sharing this knowledge with us.

Thanks Sue!

Barb Tucker, Hamilton, ON

and also from Barb

I'm still getting so much information from mine, Sue! I never put it away's always within reach...definitely the "go to" reference! Thank you so much!!!

Comments about Supplementary Techniques in Reflexology

Thanks for such a great day. I enjoyed the laughter, lessons and new technical ways of doing my session.

B. P. Mississauga, ON.

Yet another incredible learning and sharing experience. Thank you so much. Can't wait for the next session - treatment and learning.

L.P. Richmond Hill, ON.

Thank you for all your sharing. It is always a great time and I walk away with so many new and wonderful techniques. As always, well run and organized.

V.B. Peterborough, ON.

Great sharing and comfortable environment. Great information. Would definitely take more workshops with you.

G.H. Orillia, ON.

You continue to inspire drive! Thank you! STIR will become a necessary step in all reflexology.

S.G. Keswick, ON.

Comments about Reading between the Lines and Zones

You never seem to ever disappoint me with your never ending knowledge.

R.M. North York, ON.

Never disappointed in your classes, always something new to take away and apply to clients - everyone benefits.

B.S. Burlington, ON.

Your humour is awesome, your knowledge and teaching incredible. Look forward to future courses with you.

L.L. Markham, ON.

Another wonderful workshop experience. Hope my weary brain can process and retain all the info. Look forward to more.

L.P. Richmond Hill, ON.

Truly enjoyed last workshop - material and the other participants. OK, so actually I was wowed by the material. Thanks. It was a tremendous and eye-opening experience.

L.P. Richmond Hill, ON

Comments about Reflexology with Hot Stones Course

Loved the course, way beyond expectations.

Detailed material and professional.

Highly useful especially in our climate. Benefits both the client and the reflexologist.

Loved the feel of the stones.

Testimonials for Hand Reflexology for Stress Relief:

"Great stress relief techniques for the workplace." C.C.

"Exceeded my expectation." C.K.

"It was awesome, I just want to learn more. It was a lot of fun. I loved this." E.W.

Reflexology, Mind, Body, Spirit: A Wholistic Reference

I just had the great opportunity to review Sue Bisson Todd, Mind, Body, Spirit Reflexology Reference guide. It is absolutely filled with a wealth of knowledge of three major elements in holistic healing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Crystals. What I loved about the information is a that it is a straightforward reference guide in all of the three modalities that is very easy to understand for the layman and the professional. Thank you, Sue Bisson Todd, for putting this together. D.S.

Complete, concise and comprehensive guide. This will be invaluable in my practice. Thank you Sue Bisson Todd for your dedication and devotion to your clients, friends and sharing your gifts. L.W. 

Love your Reflexology Book a wholistic reference!...You are very generous with your pricing. P.U.

Sue Todd Angel Card Readings

I was moved by the card readings, they were insightful and empowering.

I left my session feeling re charged and confident to move forward.

L.S. Scarborough, ON.

“I treated myself to an Angel Card 3 month reading to start the new year and I was blown away by the insight the cards provided. This was not the first time I consulted Sue as I have had 2 prior readings (along with my hubby who was also stunned by the results). All I can say is Wowza! I think it’s time for a spring read!” D.S. Sudbury

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