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Self Help Techniques

The following presentations are not intended to diagnose disease or to provide specific medical advice. The intention is solely to inform and to educate. For the diagnosis of any disease, please consult a licensed physician.

If you try any of these techniques and have found them helpful please let us know at .

Trouble Sleeping? Try This.

Sleepy Time.pdf (PDF — 159 KB)

Asthma or Bronchitis? Try This.

Have a Headache? Try This.

Headache.pdf (PDF — 104 KB)

Sinus Issues? Try This.

Grinding or Clenching? Try This.

Menstrual Problems? Try This.

Menstrual Problems.pdf (PDF — 134 KB)

Menstrual Problems? Try This.

Menopause.pdf (PDF — 112 KB)

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